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Earth Temp Heating & Cooling is an eco friendly certified, licensed and insured family owned and operated company in Chicago. One of our priorities is to satisfy each and every customer of ours with our services. We are always trying to pursue our goal of saving you money while saving the earth. After each service call we are called to, in the end we will clean the mess that was made by Earth Temp Heating & Cooling. We do not over price products or services; we have a high ground on our competitors by having great prices on products as well as our services. We have certified technicians that service and install furnace and air conditioning units. We arrive to your home as quickly as possible, we will always greet you with our personal name as well as the business upon arrival and we will make sure that you are not freezing in the winter and not sweating in the summer.  

Licensed, certified and insured technicians that will be sent to your house to service your furnace and/or air conditioning unit. After you set an appointment, which Earth Temp will always come as quickly as possible, a certified technician will arrive at your house and you will receive a phone call stating that the technician is out in front of your house. After that is done they will come to your door step and greet you with their personal and our business name. Once that is done, the technician will ask you the location of the furnace(s) and he will then start the service that is required for that service call. Once the technician is done with the service, he will then clean the mess that was made by Earth Temp Heating & Cooling and secure the panels. Then he will let the owner know that everything is completed and the furnace(s) is working properly.

Earth Temp, Heating and Cooling in Chicago